JDQ Logic: Logiq solutions for logistic requirements

For many organizations logistics and (international) transports are – to put it mildly – a challenge. Air cargo, container ships, refrigerated trucks, customs clearance, storage and handling: all pieces of a complicated logistical puzzle.

JDQ LogiQ can solve this puzzle for you.

JDQ LogiQ is a young company, but one with a wealth of experience in the logistics services. Our team consists of people who have been active for over 25 years in the transportation industry. We know exactly how complex and often illogical logistics issues can be. We enjoy the challenge of finding creative and the most cost effective solutions to your puzzle. Our expertise covers the entire transport services chain from handling, customs, warehousing of containers and trailers, to order picking and distribution, inventory management for customers, container planning and regular transportation. And more! That’s why our motto is clear: “Logiq solutions for logistic requirements”.

Are you looking for a lasting solution to your logistic challenge? Feel free to contact us for more details about our services.