Personal service for you

Service and personal attention

A logistics process is all about asphalt, rails, diesel, kerosene, mileage and finding the most efficient route from A to B. The same process also requires cooperation between different people. Between customer and supplier, between colleagues, partners. We are proud to state that we excel in this aspect of interpersonal cooperation and communication required to achieve your transportation requirements.

Personal solutions for your logistic challenges

JDQ LogiQ is committed to personal attention. With us you are not a number, but a valued customer, who we keep informed of our activities. You can count on our personal service and attention. From person to person, with one common goal: to solve your logistic challenge to perfection.

Collaborate on logistics

This vision includes all people who work with us and the partner companies with which we do business. Working together is first and foremost about people. JDQ LogiQ has managed to bring together a team that stands together for our motto: “we enjoy the challenge of finding the most cost effective and creative solutions to your puzzle”.

Lasting relationships

Our services cover the world. Not only literally, but also figuratively. Insurance, automation, security, operational software … There is a lot to manage in a complete logistics process for customers who – rightly – have high expectations of our services.

JDQ LogiQ enters long-term personal relationships with partners and collaborating companies. We operate from a basis of trust and mutual commitment. That works!