Sjelikowstraat 3
3199 KT  Rotterdam Maasvlakte

P.O. Box 2056
3140 BB  Maassluis

+31 (0)85 – 04 34 700

Route to JDQ LogiQ

  1. Follow the A15, follow the signs with Port number 8510
  2. The exit does not (yet) have an exit number, but is called “Distripark Maasvlakte Havens 8500-9900”
  3. Take the first exit Havens 8210-8800
  4. At the end of the exit, turn right at the traffic lights
  5. After 800 meters turn right (the Nipponloods pass, Nippon is on the right-hand side)
  6. Follow the road (through road again past the Nipponloods, Nippon on the right, Broekman on the left)
  7. After ± 1100 meters the road turns left
  8. Drive ± 100 meters straight ahead and you are on location and there is an open gate on the left (2nd open gate)