Storage and handling

If you are using different means of transport, or distribute one shipment to multiple recipients, your goods must be unloaded and reloaded. This requires not only good organization and administration, but also machines and people.

Service in loading and unloading

Precisely this task is the strength of JDQ LogiQ. We excel in a tight organization, which leaves nothing but clarity. In our state-of-the art warehouse, we have several machines that are required to unload and load your goods neatly. The people of JDQ LogiQ are experienced and where necessary certified. They are all connected to the JDQ LogiQ administrative system and know exactly what to do with each shipment.

Storage for a short or long term

Part of logistics planning is temporary storage. After all, not every consignment goes straight to its final destination. JDQ LogiQ also takes care of this: we have ample facilities to store your goods for short or long periods in ambient, chilled or frozen temperatures.

A logistics solution is always at hand with JDQ LogiQ. Contact us on +31 (0)85 – 04 34 700 to discover suitable options!

Our warehouse is fully equipped to meet climatic and hygienic requirements. What makes our warehouse even more attractive is the range of services we can offer. With JDQ LogiQ, warehousing is the complete package:

  • Unloading/loading containers and trailers
  • Storage and transfer of goods
  • Palletizing goods
  • Sealing products (manual and electric)
  • Sorting goods
  • Split shipments
  • Inventory
  • Order picking
  • Distribution
  • Repackaging of goods

It goes without saying that the administration is meticulously handled for future reference!

Modern warehouse

We have a spacious and very modern warehouse, that complies to all guidelines for storage. This means that we:

  • Accurately control the temperature, depending on the stored goods
  • Have a certified warehouse
  • Have an approved label station, where perishable goods may be presented for inspection
  • Regularly monitor your inventory
  • Have a team of people who are certified in accordance with all legal requirements

Team with dedication

In our warehouse, we have a team of motivated and experienced workers. Together, they watch over your products and execute your instructions with precision and dedication. At JDQ LogiQ people make the difference; our colleagues are selected for their knowledge, experience and customer-friendly mentality.

Our specialists are ready for you!